Retention & Graduation


Graduation: lists the number of recipients of a baccalaureate degree.

Retention: The number of students in a beginning fall cohort who return to the institution in a subsequent fall semester.

Campus-wide, College-wide, Department-wide, Major-wide Graduation/Retention: This statistic measures how many students have been retained within or graduated from exactly the same campus, college, department, or major into which they initially entered as First-Time freshmen. A student may change campus, college, department, or major and stay within the University and perhaps even graduate with a degree from a different campus, college, department, or major; however for the purposes of this metric that student would be considered as ‘not-retained’. Thus these figures will likely be lower than university-wide retention/graduation results.

First-Time in College (FTIC):an undergraduate, degree seeking student who applied and enrolled in college for the first time (regardless of whether the student has acquired college level credit through testing, advanced placement or summer enrollment).

First-Time in College Full-Time (FTFT):a first-time in college student enrolled for 12 or more hours during their first semester at TAMU.

Ethnic Origin: is the code indicating the self-reported ethnic origin of the student. Students are classified as “International” if they are not citizens of the United States but are in the United States on a temporary basis and do not have the right to remain indefinitely. Non-citizen students, who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or Resident Aliens, are reported in the appropriate racial/ethnic category along with United States Citizens. The unknown classification is reserved for students that have not selected a racial/ethnic designation.

  • White Only
  • American Indian Only
  • Asian Only
  • Black only + 2 or more/1 Black
  • Hispanic or Latino of any Race
  • Native Hawaiian Only
  • 2 or more/excluding Black
  • International
  • Unknown or Not Reported
Gender:identifies a student as either “male” or “female”

Top 10% Texas High School:are the First-Time in College students who have graduated in the top 10% of their high school class and are either from a Texas high school or are Texas residents for tuition purposes.

First Generation: Housing Status: is defined by the First Fall Semester when a student is enrolled.

Family Income: Data source: The Texas Coordinate Board of Higher Education (THECB) Admission Report (CBM00B).