Language Placement Exams

Data and Research Services is no longer administering the Spanish Placement exam. If you are interested in this language exam, please contact the Department of Hispanic Studies at 979-458-0672.

We are still administering all other Language Placement Exams such as Arabic, French and Latin.

Who should take this test?

Students who intend to enroll for the first time in a college foreign language course who have previous knowledge of the language, however acquired, and who have no college credit in the language MUST take a placement test to determine the appropriate course for their level of ability. The foreign language placement test also serves as a basis for credit by examination.
Students who have taken the Advanced Placement (AP) test, the SAT II Achievement test, or the International Baccalaureate test (IB) in their foreign language of choice do not have to take the required foreign language placement tests. In this case, the AP, SAT II Achievement, or IB test results may be used for placement.

How much does it cost?

There is a $50.00 fee that is due at the time of registration. If you place out of anything beyond the first course (generally 101), you will be required to pay $50.00 for each course you have tested out of.  A hold will be placed on your account until you pay it off. In order to accept higher level credit you must accept and pay for all lower level credit.

What does the test cover?

Language Placement Examinations in modern languages begin with the first course in the respective sequence and credit may be earned for as many as four semesters of course work in some languages. Departmental examinations may require written competence in basic vocabulary and structure. Listening and/or reading comprehension may be tested.

How long is the test?

German exams are untimed
Italian, French Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Latin are all 2 hour examinations

How will I get my scores?

Departmental scores take 3-5 business days to process. The scores will be on eLearning. Log in to your eLearning account using your NET ID and password and the results will be available under DARS Testing. Look in the grades tab and you will the results. 
Note: Tests for other languages not available at A&M are available through BYU, click here , select Mail In -Tests. These exams can be proctored by our office as correspondence, contact our office for details.