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The fee to cancel is now the cost of the exam.  For orals the fee is $45.00

You must cancel by email only, please do not call the office to cancel. All cancellations must be sent to testing@tamu.edu

Only one ELPE Registration date is open at a time, which is the most recent date.

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August 12.2017
August 19. 2017
August 27 2017

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Oral Skills Assessment
The Oral Skills Assessment has the following features:
1)  The Assessment is conducted by a panel of three trained people.
2)  The interview takes about ten minutes.
3)  The interviewers have pre‑session training to ensure common standards.
There are three segments to the Oral Skills Assessment

  1. A short reading passage from a text from the student’s major. 
  2. A brief (ten minute or less) lecture on a subject derived from an introductory textbook in the student’s major.  Students are given an extract from the text and given twenty minutes to prepare. 
  3. A short question and answer period on a topic chosen by the student from a list of possible topics (such as favorite film, a location near home they enjoy, etc.)

The criterion for this Assessment is whether the panel can understand what the person is saying.  Because the raters are not subject matter experts, the accuracy of what the person says does not matter, just whether they can be understood without difficulty.  The purpose of each section is to elicit samples of the student’s speaking.  To an extent, the more the student talks, the easier it is for the raters to make an evaluation. 

  • Oral $45.00

The cancellation fee is now the cost of the exam.