Who should take this test?

CLEP exams are offered for students who want to earn college credit. Any of the tests offered by the CLEP program may be taken at our center, but only some of the tests earn credit at Texas A&M University.  See this table for the tests accepted at Texas A&M: CLEPinfo.pdf
There's a 3 month waiting period to retake the same exam.

How much does it cost?

Texas A&M students: The total fee for the CLEP exam for is $115.00.  There is a $35.00 registration fee, due at the time of registration. There is an exam fee of $80.00 which you will pay at

Not a A&M student: The total fee is $130.00.  There is a $50.00 fee  due at the time of registration.   There is an exam fee of $80.00 which you will pay at

First, you will need to register with our office for a time to take your exam and pay the registration fee.  You can do this over the phone or visit our office.

Also, prior to your appointment, you must create an account at  You will select which CLEP exam you wish to take and pay the $80.00 exam fee.  You will receive a voucher with a ticket number that you must bring to the test center on the day of the exam.


On the day of the test you should report to 1101 General Services Complex shortly before your scheduled test session. In addition, you must provide two of the following: a driver's license, Texas A&M University student identification card, passport, Texas Department of Public Safety identification card, or current alien resident's card to be admitted to the test. Your primary identification must be an unexpired, government issued photo ID with a signature, such as a driver's license or passport. Your secondary ID may be any of the above.

How long is the test?

CLEP exams are 90 minutes in length.

How will get my scores?

You will receive an unofficial score report at the completion of your exam. Official scores will post to your student record approximately a week from your exam date. If you are eligible to receive course credit based on your exam score, you will need to follow the steps listed on under My Record/Credit by Examination. Your scores must have been posted on your student record before you can accept credit.

Credit by Examination Eligibility

  • Students may not receive credit by exam for courses that are prerequisites to courses for which they already have credit except with the approval of the department authorizing the examination.
  • Students may not have credit posted for Credit by examination for a course in which he or she is currently registered or has acquired a grade other than Q, WP, or NG.
  • If you have Freshman excluded a grade that does not make you eligible for you to take the CLEP or Departmental exam or accept AP or IB credit.

Accepting Credit by Examination

  • To accept credit for AP or CLEP, log in using your NET ID and password on your Howdy portal and go under My Record tab. You will then go towards the middle of the page under Grades and Transcripts and click on the link “Credit by Examination.” After clicking on the link, you should be able to accept the credit right away.  If you have any questions or problems please feel free to call us at 979-845-0532.